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 Our Curriculum & Textbooks

The Bible is recognized as the fundamental Book of faith and practice at Liberty Baptist School. Therefore, Bible study is of fundamental importance. It is the foundation for the study of English, history, science, and geography. A student is not considered educated apart from a fundamental knowledge of the absolute truths of the Word of God. Not only does the Bible give direction for this life, but also it is the only hope for the life to come. It is “the Book of books,” and no other book is able to enrich the hearts and minds of students as the Bible.

The study of the Bible in education results in a knowledge of the Bible that is absolutely necessary in discerning basic moral and spiritual values. The most important work of a school is character development. Bible education is the only way to teach such Biblical character. Therefore, no other subject offered lays a better foundation for the teaching of Christian character than the Bible classes offered. The only version of the Bible that is used at Liberty Baptist School is the King James Version.

All our other curriculum is intensely focused on critical thinking skills. Across our great Nation test scores are dropping because of what our school believes as, "the dumbing down" of textbooks. No longer do textbook teach students to think and develop their mental skills and they lack the emphasis on foundational points of scholastic learning.

We believe in having quality textbooks that help your students reach their full scholastic potential. We choose to use the A Beka & Bob Jones University Textbooks. For any further questions please contact our school office and someone would be glad to assist you.


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