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Our Story

 A Legacy of Excellence in Christian Education

Starting a school had always been the dream of Cherie Noel until 1968 when she finally awoke to find that her dream was now a reality. Cherie began the Liberty Baptist School with just ten students. She quickly began to fall in love with this bright eager group of students and they excelled. The school grew to over one hundred students that next year and began to grew every year thereafter.  

Even though Cherie Noel is gone now, Liberty Baptist School through new leadership still carries on the traditions and high academic standards that Cherie Noel laid down. The Liberty Baptist School has seen hundreds of students come from all walks of life, some good some bad but they all get the same love, respect, attention, and training to be a student that goes into the future and makes a difference. It has been wisely said, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Liberty Baptist School has a full school program serving kids grades K4-12. We have built buildings added property and enhanced our learning facility so that you child will get the academic education that you are looking for along with learning that life is more than academics. Life is about friendship, integrity, honor, morals, and leadership. We believe that also to help you child excel we need to offer fully accredited learning through GSACS/WASC.

It has been a long time since 1968 but our traditions, standards, and mission has not changed. We don't plan on changing unless its for the better of your child, grandchild, or friend.

This is our story, won't you come and be a part of it?


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