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What to Expect

 What to Expect @ Liberty

The number seven is a special number to the staff and faculty of Liberty Baptist School. You see seven is the number of guaranteed expectations that we are committed to giving you and your student. We want you to find Liberty Baptist School a different kind of Private Christian School. One that puts you informed, involved, and engaged!

You can expect a safe environment for your child to grow, learn, and develop.
You can expect a high academic standard of achievement through our low student to teacher ratio.
You can expect a competitive and comprehensive athletic department with several major championships.
You can expect a compassionate and committed staff and faculty.
You can expect a drug and illegal substance free campus.
You can expect a  clean and well kept seven acre campus with an easy to find location.
You can expect a staff and faculty that keep you in the loop regarding your child and their well-being.




School Brochure

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