Fees & Discounts

New Student Testing - $150
Early Re-Enrollment - $50 (February Only)
Re-Enrollment - $150 (Year-Round)
K4-12th Book Fee - $150 (Due July 1st)
K5-12th Tech Fee - $300 (Due Aug 1st)
Paid in Full (By Sept. 30) - 5% Off Tuition
Alumni - $500
Sibling - 20% second child enrolled,
30% third child, etc.
Referral - $3,000 Off (Both families receive
a $1,500 discount!)
K4 (Half Day) - $5,000
K4-6th - $7,500
7-12th - $8,700
Admissions Policy

Liberty Baptist Church Members

Liberty Baptist School is a ministry of Liberty Baptist Church. Accordingly, children of the members of Liberty Baptist Church will be given first preference for enrollment in all classes.

Members of other Bible believing churches

We realize that many Bible believing churches of like faith and practice are not equipped to provide a Christian education for the children of their members. Accordingly, children of members of these churches will be given second preference in enrollment in Liberty Baptist School in all classes on a space available basis.


Children of parents who are not members of local, Bible believing churches, and children of non-Christian parents will be admitted to Liberty Baptist School on a space-available basis.

High School

Admission to Liberty Baptist School in grades 9-12 will be primarily restricted to those students who are practicing a lifestyle consistent with the clear Biblical principles of honesty, integrity, self-control, submission to authority, and individual initiative and responsibility.

Statement of Cooperation

The parents of all students admitted to Liberty Baptist School will be required to sign a "Statement of Cooperation" indicating that they understand and agree to comply with the Philosophy, Mission Statement, and policies of Liberty Baptist School as enumerated in the handbook. All students admitted to grades 7 through 12 will be required to sign the same "Statement of Cooperation."