Liberty Baptist School was founded in 1968 as a ministry of Liberty Baptist Church.

As a ministry of Liberty Baptist Church, Liberty Baptist School holds no higher authority than the Bible. The conduct, attitude, speech, and achievement of every student and faculty member of Liberty Baptist School will be evaluated according to the standard of the principles found in Scripture.

Liberty Baptist School offers a fully accredited education where every subject is taught from the perspective of biblical principles. Students who attend Liberty Baptist School are encouraged to develop the spiritual, academic, and leadership tools that they need to be the “Salt and Light” to their friends, family, and communities. Matthew 5:13-16

The education provided by Liberty Baptist School emphasizes these core values:
  1. A consistent and clear presentation of the Gospel.
  2. Scripturally based character training.
  3. Academically advanced college preparatory education.
  4. A love and loyalty for God and our nation.
  5. A fine arts program that identifies and enhances the unique gifts of the students.
  6. Physical Education that develops fitness, teamwork, and a Christian attitude in sports.